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Special terms and conditions for dependent investment advice

We provide investment advisory services to our clients based on the investment firm license issued by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. Investment advisory services can be dependent or independent. To provide independent investment services, the investment firm must assess a sufficient range of different securities available in the market, without limiting itself solely to securities issued or offered by the investment firm and related person(s). While AS Redgate Capital conducts comprehensive analyses when selecting instruments and generally does not offer investment advice on securities developed by us, the number of securities we analyze may depend on the professional choice of our investment sector specialists.

In order to provide the service, we sign an investment service contract with the client, which incorporates the general terms and conditions of investment services as integral part as well as a contract for provision of dependent investment advice, incorporating the Special terms and conditions for dependent investment advice outlined below.

In addition to the terms, the contract includes our pricelist, rules and other pre-contractual information, which can be found on our website.

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