Our internal rules

Overview of investment risks

The goal is to notify potential investors of the main investment risks associated with equity and bond investments. An investor is independently responsible for making investment decisions in such a manner that they correspond to the risk level desired by the investor.

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Client categorisation

This regulation establishes the criteria for categorizing clients of investment and ancillary services. Clients are categorised before the commencement of service provision and in case of any changes in the data.

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Best execution policy

The purpose of this document is to establish the terms and principles according to which AS Redgate Capital executes transactions with its retail and professional clients’ financial instruments.
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Protection and safekeeping of the assets of clients

These principles describe how AS Redgate Capital has arranged the safekeeping and protection of the securities and money of its clients.

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Processing personal data

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to describe how AS Redgate Capital processes the personal data of their clients and other persons.

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Identity verification

The following conditions are applied by AS Redgate Capital to establish a client relationship by means of information technology where the due diligence measures are not applied while being in the same place as the person or their representative.
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Conflict of interest prevention

The purpose of this overview is to describe how AS Redgate Capital prevents potential conflicts of interests.
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Client complaints resolution

The purpose is to regulate the procedure for resolution of client complaints in AS Redgate Capital and its subsidiaries.

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