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   Investment advisory

We create a personalized investment strategy to achieve the client’s goals, based on their risk tolerance, opportunities, and suitable time horizon. We continually adjust our investment strategies in accordance with market conditions, the prevailing economic cycle, and changes in client expectations.

  Securities transactions and safekeeping on client account

We are creating new opportunities for active investors who wish to diversify their investment portfolios. Through us, you can acquire various listed and unlisted securities, such as bonds, stocks, or fund units, and hold them in your securities account. At Redgate, your assets are securely stored. We operate under a license issued by the Financial Supervision Authority, and investments held at Redgate are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund up to an amount of 20,000 euros.



What do we mean by investment advisory?

Investment advisory is a service in which we provide personalized investment recommendations and create an individual investment plan for our clients based on their preferences, goals, and risk tolerance. As investment advisors, we can only offer recommendations that are suitable for each specific individual – there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We have a client-centric approach

At Redgate, we develop a personalized investment strategy to help clients achieve their goals. This strategy is built upon the client’s risk tolerance, opportunities, and suitable time horizon, and we continually adjust it as needed. To facilitate this process, we ask clients to complete a questionnaire, which serves as input for providing personalized recommendations.

Within our service, clients receive global perspective investment advisory with a personal account manager and access to dedicated investment specialists. Additionally, they gain a comprehensive view of their assets and their management, including regular market analyses and reviews.

Redgate’s investment strategies are crafted by professionals, and the selection of instruments is based on extensive experience and thorough analysis. We adapt our investment strategies continuously in response to changes in market conditions and the prevailing economic cycle.

Our investment advisory service is available for portfolios starting from 200,000 euros.


Investments are divided into core and satellites

Typically, an investor’s assets are divided among various asset classes. Although the composition of investors’ portfolios can vary significantly, the general allocation often includes: cash in an account, real estate and other illiquid investments, and finally, investments in more liquid securities. In our advisory services, we take into account the investor’s risk profile and goals, focusing on increasing the proportion of liquid securities investments within the overall asset mix to better diversify risks and achieve reasonable returns. In our view, such a portfolio constitutes the core, while other investments are satellites (such as investments in unlisted Baltic bonds, Baltic fund units, private loans, venture investments, etc.).

For the core, we actively provide investment advice and personalized recommendations. Regarding the satellites, we do not provide personalized investment recommendations and leave risk assessment and decision-making to the investor.

The core

The core is the most significant part of financial investments, serving as the foundation for the entire investment strategy. The investment horizon for the core can essentially be eternal because continuous advisory services are provided for the core. The core is also always open to investments, as it reflects our up-to-date understanding of the assets expected to perform the best and their respective allocations. The core should constitute a larger portion of the investments.

What does the core consist of?

The core is a global collection of highly liquid assets, with the allocation between assets depending on the economic cycle and our current view of financial markets. The core mainly consists of various exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


In addition to providing investment advisory services, we also create new opportunities for more active investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Satellites are smaller investments that carry higher risk compared to the core, and in some cases, they may also be less liquid than the core. These investments are typically made temporarily and in smaller amounts to take advantage of specific opportunities that arise in the markets.

Investors can use our platform to invest in both publicly traded and non-publicly traded securities in various regions and conveniently hold the funds and securities related to these transactions in their personal Redgate accounts.

What do satellites consist of?

Satellites can include individual company stocks and bonds, sector and thematic funds, or alternative investments such as fund units, unlisted bonds, and private loans.

The core and satellites approach allows investors to combine elements with relatively well-defined growth potential while taking on more focused risks.

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